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Eco-Nature Terrariumâ„¢

We have designed the perfect BOWFRONT terrarium that can keep pets and plants. It comes with 3-100 watts mixed color CFL grow lights, and features a 2 cavitity tub to separate dirt and water, UNLIKE STANDARD TERRARIUMS & FISH TANKS, to create a natural habitat.

To water plants simply open the convenient top mounted clear door and add fresh water to the pond slightly over flowing the spillway to a dirt reservoir. This gives fresh water to your pets while giving your plants natural fertilizer.

The ECO-NATURE TERRARIUM is escape-proof and is unbreakable. It is made of High Impact GE Lexan Polycarbonate and flame retardant Thermo-formed ABS. The polycarbonate sidewalls are hydroscopic allowing air to pass through it to allow pets and plants to breath, while holding moisture unlike glass. The ECO-NATURE TERRARIUM will provide many years of personal enjoyment!


*Dimensions- 26" wide x 18" deep x 21" high.

*Capacity- 8 Quarts Growing Medium (soil), 1 1/3Gallons or 168 Fluid Ounces, 12" High Polycarbonate Sidewalls.

*Locking Top(Keyed)Polycarbonate Access Door for Security.

*Removable Top- Easy Hardware No Tools Required.


1-2700k Florescent

2-6500k Florescent

For plant growth and UV lighting for Vitamin D for reptiles.

Bulbs Can be easily changes as needed.

(3) E-27 Sockets Aluminum mounted in flame retardant ABS Plastic for electrical insulation.


Thermo-Formed Black ABS for top and bottom.

GE Lexan Polycarbonate Sidewalls, to make it virtually unbreakable, unlike glass. Polycabonate is Hydoscopic which allows air flow and helps holds humidity.

$189.95 Includes FREE SHIPPING (US ONLY)

Return Policy: 7 Day money back, buyer pays return shipping.

1 Year Warranty (not including bulbs)

90 Day Warranty on Bulbs

PLEASE NOTE: We test each bulb before it leaves our facility, If LED or florescent bulbs don't work when you receive your product, contact us immediately, we will replace the bulb once the damaged bulb is returned.