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Eco-Nature Terrarium™

We have designed the perfect BOW-FRONT terrarium that can keep pets and plants. It comes with 3-100 watt mixed color CFL grow lights, and features a 2 cavitity tub to separate dirt and water, UNLIKE STANDARD TERRARIUMS & FISH TANKS, to create a natural habitat.

926-Terra Vision™

The 926 features a removable light top with 2-23" florescent and a wall timer. Bulb color is 4200K which is a good color for starting seeds or growing herbs. Works great in the kitchen or in a window.

1426-Vision Grow™

In this model you can start seeds, grow hot peppers, or even grow flowers. Having plants in your home means fresher air and a stress free atmosphere.

1730-Blue Seed Starter™

Designed to be the perfect seed starting green house. It has 2 blue 460nm LED panels for rapid growth. This model features a enclosed heat mat that creates a warm humid environment that is perfect for starting seeds. Also includes a propagation tray to prevent over-watering. The enclosed temperature and humidity gauge lets you monitor the units environment.

1730-Venture Grow™

This is a multi-purpose growing system that can suit anyone's growing needs, our most versitile unit to date. What makes this model different is the grow lighting, it features 6-100w mixed colored flourscent bulbs and 2 red/blue mixed LED bulbs for plant colors giving it the full light spectrum formaximum photosynthesis.

2136-Garden System™

This is our largest model and features the most advanced lighting available to date in one unit. It provides the best mix of full spectrum lighting with 6 band 3w LED's and 3 color florescent bulbs. It has very low power consumption drawing only 4800 watts.