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Polycarbonate Sidewalls

We offer fully enclosed models that use polycarbonate sidewalls to maintain proper temperature and humidity. This works extremely well on seed starting models as well as large models for growing loving plants such as orchids. All enclosed models feature removable polycarbonate doors for easy access to your plants.

Unlike costly grow tents, polycarbonate is hydroscopic (pourous). This allows plants to to breathe and receive Carbon monoxide C02 and Oxygen O2, while maintaining humidity and temperature which are relative. Temperature plays an important role when it comes to humidity. The warmer the air, the more water vapor it can hold. This is why we use enclosed heat mats combined with polycarbonate sidewalls to maintain the temperature and constant humidity. Plants love this and it makes them thrive. Humidity indirectly affects the rate of photosynthesis, so at higher humidity levels, this allows plants to absorb more CO2 (carbon monoxide). Polycarbonate also has the highest impact resistance of any plastic and is virtually unbreakable. We offer sidewalls in clear, tinted, white and mirrored.

Grow Tubs

Our grow tubs offer the versatility of soil medium (dirt) for organic growers and hydroponic EBB and flow for advanced growers. You can also easily convert them to deep water culture or aireoponics. We use enclosed heat mats on most models to help maintain normal growing temperatures. All heat mats are recessed in thermo-formed ABS tubs and mounted on aluminum plates so they never actually touch your floor or countertop for peace of mind. Tubs also can be purchased separately.

Thermo-Formed Tubs

Each light top is thermo-formed out of high-impact ABS plastic which is very durable and acts as an electrical insulator for our aluminum lighting panels, which house the lighting components. All aluminum panels are custom fabricated and pre-wired to the NEC (National Electrical Code) codes. We also incorporate timers and down-blast fans on most models. Our light tops are safe and reliable giving you the state of the art in lighting and flexibility.