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We have done extensive research and testing on all types of grow lighting. We have found that by mixing the latest LED technology and florescent lighting gives the best results with the least amount of power consumption compared to HPS (high-pressure-sodium) or metal-halide. The LED grow light pinpoints the exact light frequencies needed to produce chlorophyll "A" and "B" production, which are 630nm and 660nm RED, 430nm and 460nm BLUE and 610nm ORANGE. Then we mix 4 florescent colors to give plants the complete light spectrum. This is vital for carotenoid synthesis which enables plants to produce more chlorophyll and gives the plants a darker green color and maintains normal plant health.

*BLUE LIGHT (400-520nm) This includes violet blue, and green bands which stimulate stem and leaf growth and promotes healthy vegetation.

*ORANGE LIGHT (521-610nm) This includes green, yellow and 610 orange bands to produce carotenoids for plants to stay healthy.

*RED LIGHT (611nm-720nm) The red band has the most significant influence on photosynthesis. Large amounts of chlorophyll occurs. This promotes flowering and budding.

You can change the florescent colors as needed to tailor your own lighting needs. We use standard 100W florescent (actual 23w) that can be purchased at your local hardware store. Florescent lighting lasts 7 years or 12,000 hours and the LED lighting lasts 10 years or 15000 hours and both are very energy efficient. Each of our models are different and the lighting in each is designed for a specific purpose.