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Welcome to Home Garden Systems, Our Business is GROWING!!

Eco-Nature Terrarium

Our mission is to provide indoor and outdoor growing systems for the average homeowner or apartment dweller. You can grow successfully indoors by combining the right lighting, temperature and humidity.

1426-Vision Grow

With the rise in ever increasing food costs, pesticides and the demand for organic foods we saw a need for people to get back to the basics and grow more of their own food, herbs, flowers and produce.

With our Home Garden Systems growing indoors isn't restricted to just one season, you can grow whatever you want where ever you want, being able to control you plants environment and your guaranteed a good plant.

926-Terra Vision

Even if your just looking for a decoration in your home or office, patio or deck, growing plants indoors makes the atmosphere much calmer and stress free.

Not everyone has the room to grow a massive garden in their backyard..and some people don’t even have a yard. But now you can have your own herb garden, on your counter top or windowsill in your kitchen, you can have tomatoes growing in your garage or basement.

2136-Garden System

We have spent thousands of dollars and five years of research to develop an affordable and attractive growing system that actually works without having to go to the local hydroponics store to buy all the components which would cost you more.

Our engineers have twenty years of experience in agriculture, electrical engineering, outdoor lighting and thermo-forming of plastics.

They have done extensive research and testing to achieve the best possible artificial lighting for indoor growing.Our greenhouses are an investment that will pay for themselves in a short amount of time and give you years of growing enjoyment.We are constantly developing new products for your home gardening experience!

1730-Blue Seed Starter

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Top reasons to grow your own produce!

*Eating Healthy: Eating much healthier food leads to a healthier lifestyle, not only for you but your whole family

*Guaranteed High Quality Food: Your produce is picked fresh, You know 100% that nothing has been sprayed on it to keep it fresh & none of its nutrients have been lost because you are cooking it within an hour of picking or washing it and eating it.

*Satisfaction: There is nothing better then bringing fresh picked produce to your kitchen table.

*Taste: Freshly picking your own produce means it hasn't had time to ripen at the grocery store, which makes it taste that much better.

*Save Money: The money you will save is the number one reason for growing your own produce. Just having a salad for dinner can turn into a small investment!